The Value Of Hiring A Tribute Artist

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Tribute artists are a popular form of entertainment perfectly suited to a wide variety of occasions. However, there is significant diversity within the subject, so it can be helpful to understand exactly what kind of artist is best for you. Without any further ado, here is the breakdown on the types of tribute artists and how they can be of service to you:

Tribute Bands

First of all, you have tribute bands, which are known for both performing at events and releasing tribute albums. These bands will generally focus on and emulate a single famous band, such as ABBA, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, or Led Zeppelin, cultivating an image that is as similar to their inspiration as possible. Their names are commonly puns of their parent act or direct references to songs, albums, or members. 

Tribute bands are an excellent choice if you need live music at an event, since they provide an extremely similar sound to famous acts at a tiny fraction of the price. They are good choices for wedding receptions, company events, and even special birthday parties.


Unlike tribute bands, impersonators are generally individuals who emulate a single celebrity, such as Elvis Presley or Lady Gaga. They often dress identically to their inspiration and do other activities besides just perform. For instance, some impersonators might pose for photographs and sign autographs as the person they are imitating.

Impersonators sometimes do live music, but they might also do comedy skits, theatrics, or dance. While tribute bands are better suited as background entertainment and performing during other festivities, impersonators will generally be the primary focus when they are on stage. Therefore, they are better suited to birthday parties and other themed events.

The Hiring Process

Hiring a tribute artist is much easier than you might initially think. Many list their services in local newspapers or on websites, but you're obviously going to have much better luck and more options if you are searching in a sizable city. Price will change drastically depending on the quality of the act in question, the duration of the performance, the distance that they have to drive, seasonal demand issues, and the time of day.

If you contact the tribute artist, they will be able to fill you in on the specifics of payment, but you can expect an upfront payment in addition to a fee based on the number of hours you will hire them for. Some tribute artists have a set performance time, such as bands that play a specific order of songs, but others are more flexible. 

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